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CEO's Vision

Farooq Omar

CEO SVN Corporate Consultants

“You cannot do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow without refreshing yourself by In Learning and Re-Learning”

Over 28 years in corporate world across the globe, including assignments of World Bank, UNDP. Mentor and designer of large public and private sector organizations. Achieving multi billion dollar " value addition" to the entities. Worked as a change process consultant surpassing the objectives. Worked and still working as corporate management trainer and consultant to important sectors of the economy. Taught and coached at many top W4 category universities as a visiting Faculty, mainly to upper 600+ level courses to Executive & Professional MBA students, using state of the art 'interactive' and outcome based in class 'simulations' to create expertise, skills for high level achievements. Specialties: Break though business strategy development, and organizational re-design & change management Systems. Creating Counter Competitive Strategies. Value Chain specialist. Corporate trainer for corporate restructuring, creating organizational chain and value positioning. Strategic HR value driven systems. Human capital development and processes. Strategic thinking & problem solving. Developing & implementing monitoring, evaluation & control systems. Organizational communication systems. Developing Focused executive development programs. Executive coaching and training.

Our Partners

Tamara Aberson-Sloboda, Ph.D.

A Founding Partner of Navigated Breakthrough Analytics Group. She has held numerous leadership positions in both the public and private sectors.

Most notably, Tamara was Co-founder and CEO of a successful dot-com, later acquired by Interactive Corp (IAC), a Fortune 500 public conglomerate. She has since consulted for companies such as; Walt Disney, Goodwill Industries, and a publicly traded M&A brand accelerator.

Tamara holds a Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology and an M.S. in Education from Florida International University. Her years of research and organizational restructuring led to the development of the Personal Change Capacity Measure (PCCM©), a diagnostic assessment identifying a company’s game changers. Additionally, she is a contributing professor of Organizational Leadership for the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology.

Andrea Schlaerth, Ph.D.

A Founding Partner of Navigated Breakthrough Analytics Group.

Her clients have included the Walt Disney Company, Atmel Corporation, Goodwill Southern California, City of Pasadena, and Orange County Asian and Pacific Islander Community Alliance. Andrea also coordinated the execution of multi-million dollar grants to support maternal and child health at the University of Southern California (USC) University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles; and in the Department of Family Medicine at the Keck School of Medicine of USC.

Andrea published her research in a special issue of Group Processes & Intergroup Relations, which was presented at the 30th International Congress of Psychology Conference in South Africa. She is currently writing a book chapter for the Encyclopedia of Mental Health, Second Edition. She is an adjunct faculty at the Organizational and Leadership Psychology Department at MSPP. Andrea holds a Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology.


CEO Breakthrough Practices - Helping Organizations and Top Leaders to Experience Breakthroughs in Success

"Farooq is the epitome of truly great leader. He knows and cares about deeply about people. He not only wants people and organizations to succeed, he does all he can to help them to succeed. He is a gifted and highly engaging teacher with education from the top educational institutions in the world. Farooq is a brilliant strategist and business adviser. His unique combination of caring, teaching, leading and know-how make him invaluable"

Principal Owner at ET Freet Group and Author

"Mr. Omar is a professional scholar of many levels and yet stands above most others. He delivers potent positive impacts as a colleague not only to myself, including literally thousands of others around the world. His posts, comments and contributions truly demonstrate his integrity and forth coming expertise of multiple subjects. The richness he adds to this platform sets a higher standard for all of us to follow and adhere by."

Founder - LinkedIn's Strategy Reading Group

"Farooq Omar is a first-rate strategist and consultant. Over the last three decades, I have seen many who claim to be knowledgeable about strategy, but precious few who actually are. He is. I have known him for several years and have had the pleasure of collaborating with him in various aspects. I know him to be articulate, intelligent, responsible, and capable in his world-class professional abilities. I recommend him without hesitation or qualification. Please don't hesitate to contact me via for more."

IMPACT Catalyst | Imparting Masterful Progress Above Conventional Truth | LP3 | Leadership Pathways to Peak Performance

"There are leaders, and there are those who lead. Farooq is definitely named among "those who lead." While "leaders" tend to answer the questions, those who lead tend to question the answers. I have seen Farooq, time and time again, question the answers to conventional wisdom only to lead the leaders into a higher dimension of thought leadership. I highly recommend Farooq Omar to lead in ever possible domain."

Public Administration High Superior Inspector at Public Security Police

"Farooq Omar is Chief Advisor and CEO of Strategic Value Network (SVN) Corporate Consultants. For many years he was an excellent business and strategy teacher, who trained innumerous successful students by means of an advanced and non-traditional teaching methodology. Nothing better to describe his methodology than his own words: - "You cannot do today's job with yesterday's methods and be in business tomorrow without refreshing yourself by In Learning and Re-Learning". I invited Farooq to be a Co-Manager of the "Business, Defense & Law" Group due to its various and qualified skills in the business area. I'm most grateful for the excellent work he is developing for the benefit of the Group."

Marketing & Sales Manager, Scholars International, Lahore.

It was always great and inspiring to work with Mr. Farooq Omar. His commitment, involvement and dedication to impart knowledge & skills to students was so motivating for me. He tried to develop and train them for work-life challenges in the best way he could. Being a fellow faculty member, the common students we taught, were always having a great respect for him. His wonderful style of deeply involving to the learner's level, produced tremendous results. The mediocre students out shined as they were polished. It will be a treat to work with him again.


Dr. M. Ejaz Sandhu

Pakistan | Defense & Space

CEO at Oakevent management Private Limited Company

Professor Dr. Ejaz Sandhu having 26 years’ experience at executive level in R&D organizations and education. He has more than 15 years’ experience as trainer. His area of expertise is diversified in Engineering, IT and management. He has strong grip over International Trade, Production Management, Change Management, Leadership, Total quality Management, Research Techniques, Enterprise Resource Planning, Operations Management etc. He has worked as Director Research, Director Training, Dean and Acting Vice Chancellor in public and private sector large scale organizations. He has done PhD in Business Management from USA and PhD Image processing from France.